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Engineering Consulting

Solve all your questions with 20 years of beneficiation plant experience

I Purpose of Engineering Consulting

Engineering consulting makes clients have a comprehensive understanding of the value of mine, the useful elements, available mineral processing technology, plant size, required equipment and period.

II Contents of Engineering Consulting

Xinhai Technology Support Department is responsible for engineering consulting. When a client needs engineering consulting, firstly, Xinhai Research Institute will arrange an expert with rich dressing experience to make sure whether can be separated according to the analysis of mineral elements (Xinhai also makes this analysis). The basis of experts relying on in the mineral elements analysis mainly includes: elements content (number, type), elements distribution, recovery rate of useful elements etc.

After making sure the ore whether can be separated, Technology Support Department would contact with mineral dressing construction departments including geology, mining, ore dressing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electric power to get a brief quotation.

Xinhai mine consulting provides services according to the need of clients. The information clients providing is more detailed, the information of mines consulting is more detailed and accurate. The main contents of mines consulting include mining, mineral processing, external conditions, investment estimation and analysis of economic benefit.

The engineering consulting illustrates all the problems in the construction of dressing plant according to the limited information provided by the clients, so the experience of expert is a key. Only an expert with rich experience could provide detailed engineering consulting for the clients, which allows clients to have general understanding to their own mines and the value of dressing plant.

III Results of Engineering Consulting

At last, engineering consult takes on economic benefits analysis for the customers including the cost analysis and profit estimate. Economic benefit analysis is a comprehensive quotation by Xinhai Technology Support Department connecting various departments (Civil Engineering Department, Processing Department, Mining Department, Electric Power Department, etc.). Mine costs include mining, transportation, mining beneficiation, financial management cost. Profit estimate includes ore grade, product, price, annual output, total income, total cost, profit before tax, comprehensive estimation (time of recovering the investment).

Economic benefit analysis will allow clients to have a rough understanding about the investment and earnings of mine, and guide future investment.

Yu Yongjiang

He is mineral processing senior engineer and technical director of Xinhai Company who graduated from Mineral Processing Engineering Department of Beijing University of Science and Technology (formerly the Institute of iron and steel) in 1976. He has engaged in metal processing, metal smelting for 36 years.

Cangshang gold thickener application project presided over by Yu won the Science and Technology Progress First Prize of National Gold Bureau; Hedong gold project won the second prize of national excellent design of National Gold Bureau; Lingnan gold project won the National Gold Council Excellence Award; Fushan gold flotation machine application won application achievement award; in Liaoning smelting plant, wastewater containing cyanide segmented treatment was first applied; breaking through the high arsenic gold ore refractory roasting with low gold recovery.

Ding Hui

He is mineral processing senior engineer who graduated from Northeastern University majoring in mineral processing engineering. He is working in Yantai Xinhai Mining Group as Dean of Xinhai Mining Design Institute.

Since 1998, he has engaged in mine mineral processing design, improvement & development of mineral processing equipment and mine engineering project design. He designed independently over 30 projects in domestic and overseas, and the mine engineering projects he participated is more than 100. In addition, the mineral processing equipment improved and developed is more than 20.Since 2003, he as many domestic and foreign mine project manager chaired or participated in the demonstration program, technology research, project evaluation, project design, project management, engineering work, etc. He is familiar with the operation mode of international mine engineering, and succeeded in organizing more than 100 international engineering project such as Iran, Indonesia, Guyana and so on. His footprints were found all over the inside and outside of China, and participated in the investigation and evaluation of foreign project such as Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, South Algeria etc.

Shi Shengwu

Graduated from Qingdao Agricultural University in 1989, major in mechanical design and manufacturing. Functioned as the chief engineer in Xinhai Mine Design Institute.

The career experience: he has served for the engineering department in Rushan Machinery Plant of Light Industry, Qingqi Rushan Industrial Park Institute with rich experiences. He has engaged in machinery research &development and design for more than 20 years, the main products that developed are Z-8 automatic cold header, Z-4 semi-tubular rivet cold header; SFJ44 SFJ55, SFJ64 SFJ80 series twin-screw extruder with non-clearance transmission, FHJ series tilting concrete mixer (patented product). The main mining equipment that participated in are GND12, GND15 deep-cone titled plate thickener, Y4780200 vibrating feeder, XUNJ3000 flocculant online preparation device, flocculant mixing device (patented product), bucket elevator with sand-water separation device (patented product), SJS series ten horns screen (patented product), rotary pulp distributor (patented products), etc.

Wu Jianxiang

Mining senior engineer who graduated from Middle and Southern University majoring in mining engineering, and he is working in Xinhai Mining Group as Xinhai mining design institute chief engineer.

He has engaged in mining engineering research and design work for 30 years, and achieved fruitful results: In 1990, a new technology — simultaneous drifting he came up with was applied in Zhongtiaoshan Bizigou mine construction projects. After the expert assessment, the new technology saved construction fund 5000000 yuan (in 1991 prices), and Workers of Shanxi had reported this;Since 2006, the mining design of mine project and infrastructure investment technical and economic demonstration he has joined: change the extension mining scheme design of Yunnan Shangri-La Hongshan copper 5000t/d; mining and dressing engineering design of Anhui Xiaoxian Flagpole building iron 900000 t/a. He participated in the Yantai Xinhai mining group mining project investigation and evaluation who preside over the preparation of Investigation and evaluation report. Footprints could be found all over the country and some foreign countries such as Russia, Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, Philippines, Korea, Algeria etc.

Luo Guida

Graduated from the Mineral processing professional Institute in Central South University (former Central-South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy) in 1965. And assigned to Guangdong Mineral Application Research Institute in September, engaging in the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and refractory experimental research.

He successively held the posts of senior engineer in Guangdong Mineral Application Research Institute, the director of mineral application research institute, the chief engineer in Guangdong Zte copper Company, the chief engineer in Hunan Hengyang Xiangyan mining Co. Limited, the chief engineer in Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company. Engaged in mineral smelting and research in the past fifty years, he was involved in hundreds of comprehensive utilization of mineral smelting and experimental research at home, including precious metals, non-ferrous metals, black metals, radioactive metals and scare metals, etc. these researches broke through many technical problems and key technology, which contributed to the development and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, successively obtained a second prize for science and technology of Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, twice first prize, a second prize and a third prize for science and technology of Guangdong Geology and Minerals Bureau. At the same time, in the field of feldspar quarry of dust purification, he took participate in a lot of work in terms of copper scrap smelt——electrolysis, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Wu Guofu

Mineral processing senior engineer, Dean of Xinhai Mining Research Institute, he engaged in mineral processing research for more than 20 years, and specialized in non-ferrous metal vulcanization processing research. Ding with professional experience participated in more than 100 projects including experimental research, design, installation, debugging of non-ferrous metals, black, gold, and other non-metallic mineral.

Since 1983, he had worked in a state-owned factory Qingdao for three years as a lab technician, dressing plant technician, deputy director and field director; in 1997, as a director of mineral processing plant in Qixia for 2 years; in 2000-2003, as a director of mineral processing plant in Xinjiang; in 2004 he was responsible for installation and dressing experiment in Xinhai Group; in 20006, he held Dean of the Xinhai Mineral Processing Research Institute.

Liu Yiliang

He majored in machinery design and manufacture in university and graduated in 1998. The he has been always engaged in mining machinery and design & production management of rubber mold.

At the end of 2003, the mold design of wear-resistant rubber was finished laying foundations of rubber production; in 2008, he presided over and determined the process plan of molded wear-resistant rubber plate. He participated in more than 50 domestic tailings dry stacking design projects and 10 engineering process projects of tailings dry stacking which made him accumulate rich experience of tailings dry stacking

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